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Melissa St-Louis


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Melissa St-Louis holds a B.B.A. in Human Resources Management from l’École des Science de la Gestion, UQÀM. Her experience cumulates more than ten years of experience as a professional in organizational development, staffing processes and corporate training. Passionate about employer branding optimization and the people who are at the heart of
organizations, Melissa brings along with her expertise the added value of inclusion and neurodiversity. Melissa is also a professional management coach, in the process of obtaining her ACC accreditation.


Add to this portrait a good dose of creativity, ideas in constant effervescence, an insatiable thirst for new knowledge and an unusual love for the creation of processes. She is well known for her ability to make connections between different elements where it is least suspected and to offer metaphors or stories that are as playful as they are powerful. These are, according to her, her best secret weapons as a strategist, professional coach and trainer.

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