Transform your in-person training into remote training

(Virtual Classroom – 4 sessions of 90 minutes)


This virtual classroom program will cover, step-by-step, best practices to follow to adapt your in-person training programs into remote training programs. Participants will gain knowledge about the training design, participation tools & ideas for remote activities, virtual facilitation and overall learners’ engagement in remote context. This course will go beyond the acquisition of knowledge by fostering its real-life applications. At the end of this course, participants will leave with a remote adaptation of one of their own training programs, along with the ability to transform their future training programs.


This program will take place over 4 sessions: 

  1. Adapt the format & structure

  2. Remote learning activities

  3. Virtual facilitation

  4. Practise


Throughout this program, you will learn to:

  • Describe the different types of remote training programs and the appropriate context for each;

  • Understand structural differences between in-person and remote training;

  • Use tools that foster participants’ engagement;

  • Generate ideas of remote learning activities;

  • Adapt your visual support to the remote context;

  • Facilitate a remote training with more ease;

  • Develop a remote training program for one of your own current training programs.

Price: $400 + $59.90(taxes) = $459.90

Next training dates: 

  • French: 10 Sept, 17 Sept, 24 Sept and 1 Oct (11am to 12:30pm)

Since this course is highly participative and participants will practice, we limit each group to 5 participants.