At Quinte Dimension, our mission is to give professionals the edge they need to stand out as leaders, by developing their soft skills in a practical and long lasting manner. 

Our name is Quinte Dimension because our services can be qualified by five main dimensions: 

· Soft-skills corporate training 

· Individualized coaching 

· Organizational development expertise 

· Creation of concrete and specific tools 

· Customization and personalization of all our services 

With our approach, the client is at the center of its own training. We apply our expertise by guiding our clients in the identification of their actual needs and in the establishment of their learning objectives. Then, together we determine the themes and challenges that will be part of the training, for it to correspond exactly to the clients’ needs. This process-consultation approach, combined with our highly participative learning techniques, fosters long-term learnings that are transferable to the participant’s work. It is important for us to create a partnership with the client to tailor the best solution for their organization. No prepackaged solutions are used. 

We also standout due to our unique ability to take cutting-edge research and leveraging it to create powerful learning programs that help professionals perform and work more effectively. Our courses are highly interactive and practical to allow participants to live what they are leaning, so the courses have sustainable long-lasting benefits. 

Quinte Dimension’s curriculum design and delivery model is based on: 

· Focused needs analysis and consultation with our clients 

· Adapted curriculum to the unique context of the client organization 

· Learning objectives collectively co-designed and agreed on desired learning outcomes 

· A model of delivery that emphasizes experiential and integrated learning 

· Development of an individualized effectiveness plan to set clear personal goals and link performances to the aforementioned