Quinte Dimension provides follow up sessions catered to the organization or the individual to further help retain or develop the skills learnt. The following options are available.



It takes time and positive reinforcement for people to process the new information they learned in training, set aside old habits and attitudes and start applying new skills. Providing coaching to your employees after training sends a strong signal that everyone who goes to training is expected to apply the information learned and will be supported and encouraged through a coaching process. Coaching is a form of positive accountability, and it emphasizes the need for measurable performance improvement. With this option...​

  • Learning objectives are set with the participant

  • The participant has an opportunity to use his/her new skills in a supportive environment

  • Development of an individualized effectiveness plan to set clear personal goals and identify specific actions to take in order to apply the new skills on the job

  • A model of delivery that emphasizes experiential and integrated learning


Our lunch and learn seminars deliver key insights on soft skills competencies. Quinte Dimension provides two formats for a lunch+learn session:​

  • Follow-up post training: Used as a group to ensure the participants are embedding the key points from the course into their work practices.

  • Group training in a fast-paced atmosphere: Designed for leaders who are hungry for leadership insights to help them grow, cut costs, and improve profitability.