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Janie Lamoureux


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Teacher, trainer, coach, pedagogical consultant, entrepreneur, with over 30
years of experience, Janie has taught in many different environments ranging
from pre-school to prisons. She has taught in high schools, vocational schools, community centres, social and professional integration  organizations, adult education centres, in both public and private sectors. Janie has also taught a wide span of subjects; dance, yoga, makeup, English as a second language, communication, job search, stress-time management, customer service, and sales to name but a few. She has taught in individualized, personalized, group and online learning programs. In the past 12 years, her work with adults with learning difficulties or disabilities have taught her that though the levels, the students and the environments vary a lot, one thing remains the same: our brains are unique. She has found that offering flexibility and options put into place the right conditions to optimize learning.

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